Sunday, August 4, 2013

Autism reality check

This summer has had a lot of ups and downs.

First I lost my job and it took me awhile to get back on track. 3 job losses in 3 years is a lot to deal with. I am now home with my kids 24/7. I love my kids. Adore them. But when you are used to working everyday and seeing your kids a few hours a day and then you are with them non-stop.

I never really forget TC has autism.  It has gotten better, as far as being in public but it's never perfect. We had to go to the DMV  3 times waiting in line to get Sara's license. The first day TC farted in the DMV and said LOUDLY ..."Mom I am sorry I farted."  The next day he came out of the bathroom and said, "Well , Mom I peed on myself a little in the bathroom."


I wanted to climb under the desk for real. Both times.

The other day we went to Jack in the B*ox and TC wanted to go through the drive through and I didn't listen to him and we went inside. He proceded to get upset over something and he lashed out with his arm and knocked my earring out of my ear. All the while a guy was watching the whole thing and I could see the judgment on his face.

We had to go to a well child visit and the nurse drew blood by pricking TC's finger. But apparently the platelets didn't do something right so another nurse had to come back in and stick him in the arm to draw more blood. He screamed and cried and told me I was a liar because I said no needles. (This has never been an issue before so I didn't lie on purpose! Poor baby  I cried when he did!)

There are days when I wish autism wasn't in our life....especially when mortifying things happen in public. But this is my life and what I have been dealt.

I try to put on a brave face every day.

However, it's not always easy.