Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yesterday was our yearly ARD (IEP) for TC. I went to the school hoping it would go well. He is in a new school this year.

I received some really great feedback from all of his teachers. One commented that he will make noises in class and she has to redirect him at times. They all stated he is very polite and if he misbehaves, he is quick to apologize. He is completing his work without fussing so that is also a good thing.

I feel the meeting went well. We are going to implement the same things next year for 6th grade.

I came into work after the meeting and my manager automatically was chewing on me. I swear some days I want to walk up out of this job and tell her to kiss my butt. I was prepared to give it right back to her this morning but she isn't even here yet!!!!

Hope everybody is safe and warm. The weather is crazy (as usual) here in Tx. Cold in the morning, and then warm by the afternoon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rough start

Yesterday was  a Monday for sure! TC's bus came early, so we missed it.  Then he cried and was highly upset because I had to take him to school. Not a good way to start the day.

It was sleeting as well.

My coworker called in so my boss was up my butt all day long yesterday.

Then I went home and TC and hubby were into it over TC talking about guns. He has a video game he plays and that will be NO MORE. He can't understand fake from real and he starts talking about shooting things, etc.

I went to bed at 8:30 pm.

We made it to the bus on time today and the driver apologized for being so early yesterday. I told her that he had a rough day all because he didn't catch the bus as normal. (She is the director over special needs so she was very she should have been!)

Then it was sleeting/raining on my way to work and road conditions were BAD. So I was a little late (15 minutes). My coworker came in an hour late and she lives in the town where we work and I don't. But oh, well.

Have a happy week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We are now in 2013!
TC really enjoyed Christmas and his time off from school.

He is becoming very curious and articulate and has been asking a lot of questions.  For instance, he is very curious about everybody's "responsibilities".  We have talked many times about the fact that he has to go to school and that is his job. Just like hubs and I have jobs we have to go to each day.

TC is also realizing there are 5 days in the week and how many days he has left til'  the weekend. This is a very cool thing for me because it is hard to explain to a kid  about the week/weekend when he doesn't grasp the concept of a calendar and how the days work.

There are still hard days, I won't lie but things are getting a little easier, for the most part.

We have an iep coming up on January 22nd. I am hoping it goes well.