Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad behavior and hurtful things said

This week has been sort of tough. TC's behavior has been very NOT GOOD! And stressful! He is very high strung and antsy and upsets easily.

He just got upset and told me "Go live in your other house with your real family."
WTH? I told him, "You are my family and so is Dad and Sara so I'm not going anywhere. And you need to be nicer to me, I am your Mom and I love you more than anybody in this world."

Of course after he said that to me, he said some other ugly things, and I told him he is NOT going to treat me like that. Afterwards, when he calmed down, he was remorseful and apologized. I think sometimes in the heat of the moment, he verbally attacks me. I am trying to teach him that it is NOT okay.

Sigh. I am ready for the weekend.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you

Thanks for all the nice comments on my previous post. I really should have thought about TC having the pencil before I began cutting his toenails. I really can't get upset at him, I should have really considered his surroundings, the fact that he was having an asthma attack, was tired and my cutting his toenails was another stressful factor.

TC does so well most days. His aggression is rare. I mean, it hardly ever happens. There are still some behavioral issues, his language is a work in progress, he still curses but I do let him know it is not acceptable. But he surprises me everyday with his ability to overcome stressful situations. I know life is not easy for him and school is tough as well. I have to give him props for holding it together as well as he does. Given his health issues on a daily basis, he does wonderful.

Let me just say even when I forget about the autism, things like this happen and I remember. I will be more aware in the future!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I cannot believe this happened

TC's behavior has NOT BEEN GOOD lately. He has been saying bad words, being mean and rude, and threatening to call the police on us when we get onto him. Thanks to the 9-1-1 talk they had at school!

I threatened him all day yesterday because of his bad behavior. I took Sara shopping she had some respite $ to spend and TC had already picked out an army guy at the grocery store yesterday morning, the army guy was around $2.50 so I agreed to purchase the toy. I told TC, "This is all you get today." And he agreed.

When I took Sara to the store to shop, TC was mad and wanted to get another toy and I told him no. And he wasn't happy but I told him he would live.

Fast forward to last night. After TC's shower I was in his room with him. He was ready to draw some pictures and I looked at his toes and his toenails were soooooooo long so I decided to trim them. I didn't think anything about it, he HATES to get them trimmed but I needed to get it done. He was also having an asthma attack so I was giving him a breathing treatment too while trimming his toes. And the next thing I know, I heard him say, "I am gonna stab you." And he took the pencil and stabbed me in the back. I screamed, it HURT! And I immediately grabbed the pencil and reprimanded him. I asked Hubs to look at my back to make sure I wasn't bleeding (I wasn't) but I was livid. And Hubs was too!! He popped TC's butt and told him that is NOT acceptable.

Let me just say we rarely spank TC. I think there are other methods of discipline that can be used other than Whooping butt...however in this case I feel it was appropriate.

But the whole incident scares me and I try not to go "to the future" in my mind. I just worry sometimes and don't want TC's anger to get the best of him and I don't want him to hurt anybody in anger or frustration. We do not medicate him but I realize we may have to look at that in the future if he cannot control his impulses.


I am feeling a little blue over the whole situation today.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Saturday!

I know I am terrible about posting on this blog lately. We made it through another work and school week. The kids are out Monday and hubby is off work but I have to work.Blah.

At least I don't have to get the kids up and off to school. I have to wake them up around 5:40 am to get TC on the bus by 6:30 and get Sara dropped off by 6:45 since I have over a 40 minute commute to work and my schedule is 7:30 to 4:15 daily. Hopefully my schedule stays good like this, I enjoy being home in the evenings with my babies and hubby.

TC and I are off to buy groceries once I get my makeup on and then I promised Sara to take her to the outlet mall, she has $30 that is burning a hole in her pocket!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to school

TC has done very well this week transitioning back to school after Christmas break. He even brought home 2 "happy grams" today. One was for learning to read and another for counting all by himself to 20 with no help. I am so proud of him!

He gets up and ready and is excited to catch the bus at 6:35 am. Wow. He is a trooper!