Friday, November 22, 2013

Another meeting at the school

I had another ARD meeting at the school this week. These meetings just take so much out of me. I guess I notice it more because I am home but sheesh....I got into a depression the next day.

The meeting was about testing that has been conducted and the changes in testing from last time, which was 3 years ago.

TC has improved in lot of areas but mainly scored around 60's when the average is 90. I know he is not where he needs to be but progress is progress.

Still these meetings just knock the wind out of me!

The hubs and I have had a disconnect lately. Probably because I feel inadequate as I have not been able to find work and I find myself frustrated a lot. I am still getting unemployment but some days being stuck in the house gets tiring. I can't do much without spending money and I really am trying NOT to do that!I do make it a point to get out even if it is to go to the library or park.
Hubs wants to check in and see what I am doing every day and that sort of works my nerves.  I did have a great time visiting with my Mom when she came down for 2 weeks though!

The photo below was taken recently. It includes (L to R) me, my sister, my niece and my girl Sara.

I know God has a plan and I am anxious to go back to work but it will happen in HIS time, and not mine. In the meantime I need to try to stay positive but some days it is hard.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bad autism day

TC had a rough day at school yesterday. We woke up to 35 mile an hour winds and when it is crazy weather and drastically cold (for Tx) sometimes it does not fare well for him.

When I picked him up from the bus stop, he was crying and saying how he had a terrible day. Hubby wasn't home yet and I tried to get TC to talk to no avail.

I received an e mail from his teacher saying when he came into her classroom he was stabbing himself with a pencil. She calmed him down and he was okay. But later on in the day,he got mad and kicked a wall and put his fist up towards his aide.

She told me his previous aide has gone on maternity leave which is probably the reason for the behaviors.

I checked  on him today and he was okay. I am just glad his teacher filled me in because most days TC won't explain what has gone on during the day.