Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend drama

This weekend has been pretty good. We mostly stayed around the house. TC has been a good boy all weekend.

I am a little perturbed at Sara because she is a teenager, for one. And number two, she is funky. And I don't mean just a little funky, I mean a lot funky. Her room is a disaster and I rarely say anything except for once a week or so. Let me just say, I went off on her earlier. I had good reason! I don't ask her to help with anything other than an occasional load of laundry. And when she does crazy funky things, I get pissed off. She is on my list right now, and not the "good list!"

I need to take a long walk to calm down because I am still mad!

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Stacie said...

My oldest son is like that and it drives me nuts. I barely ask him to do something and then I get the major attitude when I do. Heaven forbid his brother ask to play a xbox game with him either he is just down right mean to him.