Sunday, September 25, 2011

First six weeks of school

Things have been going well this school year. TC is mainstreaming more...he loves his teacher. He actually is enjoying school.

Sara is a sophomore this year, she is making more of an effort. Last year it was not good as far as grades went. She is actually passing and doing way better this year. She is in 2 clubs and recently tried out for a play. She didn't make it but I told her to keep trying!!!

I am waiting on respite care to be approved, that will give Sara some extra money. She will start her driving course soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am so happy to have found your blog! My nephew (9 years old) has autism and my family and I have decided to try and connect with others about it. I have started a blog and am picking up blogs to follow. Thank you for writing :)

Mommie that Gets It said...

Glad to hear things are going well for TC!

Hope Sara gets it next time! I am sure it will all work out. :) Heather