Saturday, December 10, 2011

Autism and Holidays

Are holidays stressful at your house?? Does your autistic/special needs child even understand about time frames of holidays??

TC thought as soon as Thanksgiving was over, it was time for Christmas. He immediately wanted to open presents. I have tried to show him on the calendar and I "think" he understands.

Next week is his last week at school until the new year. Once it is time to go back we will have to deal with the mother of all meltdowns...just like we did after Thanksgiving.

Lord help me.


Chef Penny said...

They are stressful although less so since we started homeschooling. Thankfully, Logan has a birthday between Thanksgiving and Christmas so there are presents to open.

Rosa Frazier said...

Our son is the same. We have a calendar in his bedroom that we draw a birthday or holiday or vacation. We have him cross off (or we cross off the days). This gives him an activity to do and count down the days. Good luck.