Monday, February 27, 2012


It was IEP time today. Don't you love 'em???

I figured we would be discussing TC's progress....and his goals. I also figured we would be talking about possibly moving him next year to a new school. He will be a 5th grader...gasp!

One of his teachers brought several papers they are working on in her class. He is grasping his letters and sounds and can recognize several sight words. He also is able to recognize numbers up to 10 but is stumped after that saying that the number 13 is a 1 and a 3 but he isn't understanding it is the number 13. He can count to 50. He recognizes color words.

She held up a picture he drew. She said she told her students to draw themselves as a 90 year old. TC drew a man with a suit and tie and a tiny bit of hair....a cane and a lady friend/wife standing next to him holding his hand. Too cute! When the teacher asked the class what they would be doing when they turn 90, TC's answer was, "Having high blood pressure and a heart attack." LOL.
We have been talking a lot about being healthier, and my blood pressure has been a little high so that is where he got this from.

He gets speech three times a week and still struggles with conversation...not when you ask him a question but he doesn't initiate conversation too much. (Not like most 10 year olds do.) His enunciation has never been an issue.

He has one teacher, Ms. S who has him in her class about 3 hours a day including lunch. She is a mainstream teacher and I love love love her. Did I mention I adore and love her?? The last IEP I cried and so did she. And today she hugged me afterwards.

The diagnotician did let me know they are wanting to start him at a new campus next year with kids his age. He will be in resource math and reading and he will have an aide to go with him to science, lunch and social studies.

I am worried but I hope he will do good. *We still have til' August!*


Maria said...

I sit in on many, many ifsp's and iep's. I always feel as if the whole thing is tipped against the parent. What the parent isn't working hard enough on, etc. Most of the teachers that I work with tell me that the parents expect them to perform miracles while they do nothing to help on the home front. I disagree. I see mostly committed parents with about a 60%/40% ratio of teachers. The 60% don't really get it and I keep hoping that experience helps. The 40% truly get it and when that happens...the child improves. It takes a village and we all have to do the work.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

It sounds like he is in a place where he is comfortable and making progress with a mainstream teacher who is supportive and caring... that makes me smile!