Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5th and 11th graders

Here are some pics of the first day of school. You can sort of see Sara in the first one. She has dance 1st period so she has to go to school in her dance stuff.

TC has done well so far. I think the work they are sending home is waaay above his level but he has an aide and I did send a note for his teacher so hopefully I will get some feedback.

All I know is he is not crying and hating his teacher this year. We dealt with the same teacher  for 4 years and he always told me she was "fake"....imagine that.  Last year they mainstreamed him more and he had 2 great teachers who I know loved him.

One good thing is I start my new job next week and I will have normal hours and will be home by 5:30 instead of 8:45 every evening. I am so hacky!!!!

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Mommie that Gets It said...

YAY for TC and YAY for you!

:) Heather