Friday, October 12, 2012

School nurse

Tc got to go to the Tx Sta*te Fair this week with school. I think he had a great time! Unfortunately the next day he was none to happy to go to school. He cried as I put him on the bus. And apparently he had a nosebleed once he got there. So the sent him to the nurse.

The school nurse called hubs and was asking about his legs (they are so much better and are scabbing over) but you can see the bites. They are not red or infected and he has completed his oral antibiotics. The nurse basically said we need to take him to our dr and get more antibiotics. The e.r. told us as long as the red is gone and it is not sore to the touch, he will heal up and be fine.

I told hubs that I understand her concern but we did exactly what the dr's told us and we even kept him home 2 more days to allow him to heal. I am not going to battle it out with another nurse!

I know some parents don't take care of their kids but we do. Sheesh.

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Maria said...

Spider bites are terrifying, yes? I once had a brown spider bite me on the bottom of my foot (as I was rocking Liv to sleep!) and it took MONTHS for it to stop seeping. I was on round after round of antibiotics too. Poor pumpkin!