Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yesterday was our yearly ARD (IEP) for TC. I went to the school hoping it would go well. He is in a new school this year.

I received some really great feedback from all of his teachers. One commented that he will make noises in class and she has to redirect him at times. They all stated he is very polite and if he misbehaves, he is quick to apologize. He is completing his work without fussing so that is also a good thing.

I feel the meeting went well. We are going to implement the same things next year for 6th grade.

I came into work after the meeting and my manager automatically was chewing on me. I swear some days I want to walk up out of this job and tell her to kiss my butt. I was prepared to give it right back to her this morning but she isn't even here yet!!!!

Hope everybody is safe and warm. The weather is crazy (as usual) here in Tx. Cold in the morning, and then warm by the afternoon!


Josie Two Shoes said...

I'm delighted to hear that TC's IEP went so well, it sounds like he is trying really hard, and he's getting the job done... YAY TC! :-)

No point in contesting with your boss, you can't win and it will only stress you out more, kill her with kindness and keep looking! It's not good to spend all your days in an environment that feels hostile, you are far too independent in nature to work with a micromanager, that drives me nuts too! :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh so glad to hear your school meeting went well! Nothing better then knowing your child is on the right track:) Yeah you!

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm glad to hear the IEP meeting went well. We have ours coming up in April. My son is also going to 6th grade. It freaks me out a little bit.