Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autism conference and behavior

Last week I was invited  to an autism conference in my town. Mainly it was for teachers but the spec. ed. lady knows I am not working so she invited me.

Some teachers were there and I am pretty sure they weren't too thrilled that I was there but OH WELL.

The guy who taught the class/conference was really awesome. It was amazing to me how much he understands autistic kids (even the non-verbal ones). His attitude was that all kids need help and every kid is an individual, not to be put in a box, or thrown on a computer as a babysitter.

There is another part to the class again this week. I may go, I am not sure yet. It is strategies for dealing with autism. Too bad some of TC's teachers cannot attend...they surely need it.

Today TC got off the bus and was crying, afraid of being in trouble with his Dad. He told me he said "God" and his teacher gave him a dirty look. He was really upset. I did e-mail the teacher but also had TC write an apology note for disrupting the class. 

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forsythia said...

I can relate!! Our grandson was always getting in trouble with just blurting stuff out.