Friday, November 22, 2013

Another meeting at the school

I had another ARD meeting at the school this week. These meetings just take so much out of me. I guess I notice it more because I am home but sheesh....I got into a depression the next day.

The meeting was about testing that has been conducted and the changes in testing from last time, which was 3 years ago.

TC has improved in lot of areas but mainly scored around 60's when the average is 90. I know he is not where he needs to be but progress is progress.

Still these meetings just knock the wind out of me!

The hubs and I have had a disconnect lately. Probably because I feel inadequate as I have not been able to find work and I find myself frustrated a lot. I am still getting unemployment but some days being stuck in the house gets tiring. I can't do much without spending money and I really am trying NOT to do that!I do make it a point to get out even if it is to go to the library or park.
Hubs wants to check in and see what I am doing every day and that sort of works my nerves.  I did have a great time visiting with my Mom when she came down for 2 weeks though!

The photo below was taken recently. It includes (L to R) me, my sister, my niece and my girl Sara.

I know God has a plan and I am anxious to go back to work but it will happen in HIS time, and not mine. In the meantime I need to try to stay positive but some days it is hard.

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