Friday, May 21, 2010

Meltdown and drama

As I have posted, Monday is Tc's last day of school. So I asked Hubs not to go into too much detail as TC does not really "get" calendar days yet.

Unfortunately he did not listen.
He talked to TC last night about school almost being out.

This morning I dropped Sara off...then I got ready to drop TC off. He began to cry.
Then he had a nosebleed. I told him to just get back in the car.
I drove around to the parking lot and tried to calm him but he continued to meltdown.

Finally I thought to myself, "Geez. Just take him home with you."
So I did.

I had plans to mow and hang out alone and maybe take a nap.
But my boy was sad and saying how he is tired of school.
He does not really care for his teacher (neither do I really).
He has one more year with her, unfortunately.
But he is tired.
And he needs a break.
I need a break.
So Monday is his last day and they are having a party.
I am going to attend his party and pick him up early.
Then we will get that much needed break.
Until ESY starts, but his teacher does not teach ESY thank God and Greyhound!

By the way, he played on the porch and got on the swing and was very good while I mowed!

I have so much more to say but I don't want to cry right now, because my head has been pounding all morning so I will post more thoughts later.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Hope you feel better soon and that TC is able to enjoy his last day on Monday.

Stephany said...

Good call, somedays are just best to do that. I agree, go to the party (which can ramp up the class anyway!) and go home when you decide. (I think this might have already taken place looking at the dates here)

I taughter summer ESY one year, and those were some of the most (intense)and best days ever, teaching. I remember my student I was assigned to, totally non-verbal, had seizures, etc, bit my hand when I went the 'wrong way' in the hall toward the bathroom (routines!)he was a delight, and TC reminds me of him. One of the best days was one of his hardest that summer, where he had a massive digestive incident to put it mildly LOL and once cleaned up, he sat on my lap while other staff played the guitar and we (adults who knew the words) sang "Country Roads" by John Denver. You never saw such happy, contect kids, and that day I witnessed true gems of this world in them.

My daughter at the time, was beginning to unravel so it was a struggle to balance that summer job, but I remember thinking how there is a mom out there like me who needs that 4 hour break in the morning, because the rest of the day...busy busy at home. I was glad to be a part of it.

You should be proud of all you do, school, etc, you're very admirable.