Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend plans

It has been pretty nice being home with the kids so far. TC and I get up early almost everyday and run errands and the whole time Sara is in bed! I took them to a movie on Tuesday , "Shr*ek Happily Ever After". It was really cute!! Wednesday we just hung out at home and Thursday we went to town and bought groceries. Today we went to Dallas to eat at a steak restaurant because we received a gift card. It was yummmmy!!

Now we are home and TC swam for a little while while I sat in the sun. I finished my homework and just did my 30 Day Shre#d video.
I am going to walk later because I ate way too much at lunch!!

This weekend we will have a cookout at home. Can't wait!!

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Shilo said...

it sounds like a great time!