Friday, August 13, 2010

I am so mad about what happened today

Today I took the kids swimming at a friend's community pool.
TC is very friendly and will approach kids.
Three girls and one boy were playing a game where they pushed one another in the pool and the last one standing was the winner.
I watched closely as TC played along. He went up to a small girl to push her and I told him not to, she was too little and he could hurt her.
Next thing I see was the boy going up to TC and grabbing his hands and pushing him hard into the water.
As TC came up, he was upset, I could tell from his expression.
I called him over to ask was he okay and he said, No his hand hurt where the boy pushed him.
I told him to not play with those kids anymore.

Later on, TC was standing in front of a boy (wanting to play) and the boy said, "You can't play with me, you are too fat!" I called TC over and told him LOUDLY because I have a big he didn't want to play with that kid anyways because that kid was being mean. I told the kid "You don't have to call him fat, he knows he is big but you don't have to treat him badly."
The Mom was right by the kid and ignored everything til' I spoke to her son.
She then called him over and told him that was rude.
No apology or anything.
I was pissed.

As we were leaving, approximately an hour later, the kid hollered out, "Sorry!" And I told Tc to tell him, "Okay."

My problem is why are kids so mean and why don't parents watch them? It is NOT OKAY to treat someone like they are a piece of crap because they are overweight, it just is NOT!!


Jenn said...

Ugghh, I hate it when parents stick their heads in the sand!!! Teach them some compassion people!! (((hugs))) to your little boy!!!

Ms. Diva said...

People ought to be so ashamed of themselves! How do you allow your child to say mean things and not say something?

Lola said...

it is awful. unfortunately kids often learn this behaviour from parents...YOU did the right thing though! :)

The Mom Jen said...

That is awful, wow, the parent right there! That makes me so angry. If my kids did that I would be mortified!! No one should be treated that way for any reason. I'm so very sorry!!

jennifer said...

No, it's not OK at all. Kids can be mean. Adults can be mean. It is that ugly sin nature rearing it's hateful head.

Hugs to you and TC.

Angela said...

Sometimes I wish I didn't have to deal with other kids. Parents just seem not to care half the time. Hopefully your next outting goes better.

Melly said...

Kids have to learn what appropriate behaviour is, they're *kids*. If their parents doesn't teach them empathy, compassion and kindness, their kid's going to be awful.

Vee said...

My kid has lots of behavior ticks and such and hates it when people tease him. Or when people tease me for my weight. I try to teach him compassion. Sometimes it just slides off!

Vee at