Friday, August 27, 2010

School woes

I posted in my Living in Tx blog yesterday about some issues TC is having this year at school. Well,the first day of school went great!! He got a happy gram and was all smiles.

Day 2 was some fussing and after I picked him up he told me he had to go to the thinking chair for his behavior.
Some of it was my fault.
I tried to pack him something different in his lunch and he had a huge meltdown at lunchtime.
This behavior continued throughout the day which resulted in him getting into trouble.

Day 3 started off with a nosebleed on the way to school and there was a lot of whining and after school,so I took him to the calendar and had him mark off the days he had attended school this week. I circled Thurs. and Fri. and told him that he only has 2 days left for this week.

Yesterday morning, Thursday, he was so upset and did not want to go to school, and we had a long conversation about how he has to go to school and I told him it is up to him to make it a good day. He can be gripey and mad, or he can go to school, do a good job, and have a good day!
On the way to school he told me that he has to work so hard. And basically TC is lazy when it comes to school work so of course he does not want to do the work. And I know he struggles so I tried to give him a pep talk.He learned how to spell red yesterday and he came home and sang us a song. And everything was good.


This morning he was fine, he got dressed and there was no whining.
The good thing is it is Friday.
The bad thing is we have to do this all over again on Monday.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Yeah, we kind of live week-by-week too. Little by little, we get through it!

Stimey said...

It's funny, because so much stress goes into the first day, but it's totally not as hard for them as the fourth day or the second week or whenever the excitement wears off, huh? I hope things smooth out once he gets used to it.

Lynn said...

I love trolling the blogosphere and hearing about all the angst for the first day/week of school....especially amongst the special needs moms. Stress loves company!!