Friday, February 4, 2011

Weather, haircuts and no school

Tc has been home all week. Monday he wasn't feeling well so hubby kept him home. The weather was bad on Tuesday and Wednesday, school was closed, and all of us were home. Thursday there were rolling blackouts so I left the kids home while I went to work. I had no way to get them home if school released early. And today, we woke up to over 6 inches of snow so no school again!!

I cut TC's hair last night but he moved a lot, so it is not perfect and a little shorter on top than I normally cut it. It is not too bad, but not great either... I have definitely done better haircuts on him before. I hate it when he moves during a hair cut. No worries, it will grow out and is not bad unless you get right on top of his head and examine it. Sara went on and on about how messed up it is and made him self concious. Sometimes having a teen is very difficult. I want to pop her one about once or twice a week....I don't but I really want to!

I know one thing, I am sick of this crazy weather and ready for things to get back to normal. I know you all have way harsher winters but we Texans are not used to this!

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Mommie That Gets It said...

I hope the weather clears up for you soon. We Canadians are used to snow. We actually have had less where I am from in the last few years.

Austin hated to have his hair cut too. He still doesn't like to have it brushed. I have great success taking him to a shop that specializes in kids. He sits still and always gets a great cut! They show them cartoons and stuff to distract them. We have one here called "Melonhead". Do you know if you have anything like that in Texas? :) Heather