Thursday, January 5, 2012

School back in and a funny boy

Both kids started back to school on Tuesday. Tc's folder came home with a note saying he had a tough time transitioning back. Yesterday he got a sticker, so I guess yesterday was a better day.

I am working late again and not getting home til' after 7. So trying to cram in time with the kids plus get the chores done is hard! TC went to his drawer last night and got his pj's out and came back very upset! I asked what was wrong and he said, "There is an empty spot in my drawer, you need to fill it!" I had to laugh and told him I would get right on that...I commenced to folding!

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Tori said...

My three year old had a hard time transitioning back into school Tuesday too. They said it's normal though. He doesn't go back until tomorrow, so hopefully it's a better day.