Monday, January 9, 2012


Wow. Yesterday was a doozy fit for TC when he found out he had school today. He was immediately sent to his room to cool off.

He cried for over 30 minutes.

I finally told him to come into the livingroom and we had a chat. He kept saying bad things about how he was going to blow up the school. I explained to him that kind of talk is not acceptable and if someone hears him say that he could get in big trouble.

It just never gets easier from week to week!


K said...

I'm sorry, I think you did the right thing though.. Hopefully your week gets better!

Rosa Frazier said...

That sounds like my PDD-NOS son last year. We changed schools, and now I get, am I going to school tomorrow, I miss my teacher. In you discussion, did he tell you why he didn't want to go back to school? It becomes so hard to get back to routine after a break. We only had a week off from school, so it didn't set my boy back from the groove of going to school. I wish you well. I completely know how hard this is.