Thursday, February 7, 2013

Update on little man

It is now 2013 and so far it has been okay. If it weren't for this crazy weather here in Texas. TC has consistently been having problems with his asthma. Cold, warm, rainy, warm, cold and on and on. Vicious cycle!

TC is doing well and really pays attention to everything and I mean EVERYTHING. We passed by a house the other day and he said, "Wow mom, that grass is so green, don't you wish our grass was green like that?" I had to agree, but we have almost 5 acres so there is no way to keep it green with this weather. Plus,we cannot afford to water it all!!

I know he is smart but he still struggles to learn to read. He knows certain words by sight and can spell them but he gets very frustrated at times.

He is adjusting to Sara having a job even though he misses her. Last night she played Av#atar on the wii with him and they had fun. I can hardly believe she will be a senior next year. ((tear))

Tc is also very independent now. He takes it upon himself to get into the shower and he cleans his own fingernails. This is a big deal because he used to cry every night about taking a shower. My hubby has taught him so much about hygiene. I cut his hair and we still have problems with trimming his toenails and fingernails but we get it done (sometimes they look like dragon nails and it's a fight but it is what is is). 

Tc is a joy. I could not ask for a bigger blessing. He is funny, handsome, precious and loving. I cannot imagine life without him.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I loved this post! Your little guy is growing up and doing so well. God knew just which parents would be blessed to have him! :-)

Maria said...

I'm still stunned that Sara is a junior already. When did THAT happen?

momstheword said...

I have several friends whose children have autism. They are funny, smart, active and are a blessing to know!

I provide after school care and respite care for my friend's 17 year old daughter. She is not high functioning and has other problems besides her autism. She is nonverbal unless she wants to communicate a need, such as hunger or bathroom, then she will repeat the words she's learned to communicate that need such as "Go potty."

Her autism is probably the least of her problems, as she is also developmentally disabled and functions behavior wise on the level of a 2 or 3 year old child.

Ever so often she develops new self stimming behaviors and we have to work with her on those.

But even with her limited capability, she can learn things. She has to have someone stand next to her and encourage/make her do them, and if they walk away she will stop.

But her teachers and family (and I) are working with her in those areas as they happen. She can write her name, she can set the table, she can dress and feed herself, etc.

When we don't limit people and give them an opportunity to learn (and an environment), it's amazing what they can do!