Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bad autism day

TC had a rough day at school yesterday. We woke up to 35 mile an hour winds and when it is crazy weather and drastically cold (for Tx) sometimes it does not fare well for him.

When I picked him up from the bus stop, he was crying and saying how he had a terrible day. Hubby wasn't home yet and I tried to get TC to talk to no avail.

I received an e mail from his teacher saying when he came into her classroom he was stabbing himself with a pencil. She calmed him down and he was okay. But later on in the day,he got mad and kicked a wall and put his fist up towards his aide.

She told me his previous aide has gone on maternity leave which is probably the reason for the behaviors.

I checked  on him today and he was okay. I am just glad his teacher filled me in because most days TC won't explain what has gone on during the day.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Unexpected changes in routine can be hard on all of us and especially someone who really needs that routine to feel secure. My heart goes out to TC, I am glad today was a better day. So glad he had a teacher who took the time to let you know what went wrong. It helps when you can understand.

forsythia said...

Poor TC. Our grandson used to have days like that all the time, and this year he started school having to face two losses right off the bat. Last year's homeroom teacher, who was originally supposed to be his teacher this year, was transferred to the sixth grade autism classroom. Last year's Dedicated Assistant, whom he was really attached to, decided at the last moment not to return. Our grandsons's parents were ready for a difficult few weeks, but to everyone's surprise, he seemed to accept the changes. He wasn't exactly happy with them, but he did OK. I think last year's teacher--the one who was transferred--really helped him get some coping skills. Bless her.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

This breaks my heart. I can't imagine all that you go through. My 32 year old daughter has OCD/BDD really bad and days can be impossible with her yet they are nothing compared to your days.
((HUGS)) Glad he had a better day.