Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday I was very proud of TC when I dropped him off for his 2 hours of e s y.
When I picked him up I took him and Sara swimming (My sister has a friend with an in ground pool).

My nephew went as well and they jumped in time and time agein. Then we got out for a snack. TC had fun until he stumped his toe and then he went ballistic! He actually cut his toe on the concrete and he said some words he shouldn't have said, but I calmed him down eventually.

Then after about 2 hours of swimming, it was time to go.
And TC was not happy at all!! Let's just say he ran his mouth all the way home.
And once we got home I sent him to his room where he said a lot of hurtful things (I could hear him through the door). It really upset me that he was talking to me so ugly and I really wanted to cry.

Hubs came home and I told him about what TC said and then I DID start to cry. TC felt really bad but we are going to really watch what he watches on You Tube. I don't think he fully understands what he is saying a lot of the time, but he still has to be accountable for when he hurts others feelings.


Maria said...

I have had time on my hands lately and have done some web surfing. I am absolutely flabbergasted at what is available on the web.

Jessica Warrick said...

I have had some horrible autism days for the past three weeks. My son has bowel problems and he wen to a oncologist about three weeks ago and she put him on a new regimen of myralax and his night meds and he has been pooing himslef ever since daily and nightly.