Sunday, June 6, 2010

We are doing well. It has just been so hot!! So since I am trying to watch our money, hubs had more dental work this week to the tune of $375, our a/c broke to the tune of $129, and my battery on my car went kaput to the tune of $123, I am doing my best to keep the kids busy.
TC is up when I am up so we do a lot of outside stuff in the mornings, mowing, walking, swinging and watering the trees. We usually run to town to go by the store if needed, go to the library, go to the post office, the bank, etc... before it gets too hot. I try to take them somewhere once a week, like a matinee. We may go see Marmaduke this week but I am not sure because we are going out of state this Friday for a few days.
Today we hung out by TC's little pool but we only lasted an hour. It is just too dang hot! My air has not kicked off all day, it is set on 73 but it is 100 outside so my house is 75 now. Sara and I will walk in a bit but it is still very hot!!!
So what are you doing for fun this summer??

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