Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This sucks

I have been trying to wake up early and walk in the morning. So this morning I was walking and I had to run inside to use the bathroom and Sara was looking at me crazy and TC was crying. TC was looking for a stupid toy. And he was having a meltdown and he didn't really want to help look, he just wanted to scream and cry.

Then I started losing my shit! We have done the "toy search" 3 times over the weekend and this morning it just pissed me off...BAD!! I really lost it which made him lose it even more. Oh and the toy was still lost too!!!

Finally I just dug through his toy box and I told him to look on the table when he came back with his toy and said, "I found it!"
Oh and then he had an asthma attack because of all the screaming and crying.
What a stressful morning...ugh!


Shilo said...

ewww....what a bad morning! I hope it gets better....somedays are like that where you wish you could just start over!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

So much for summer vacation, right? ;)

jennifer said...

Sorry Kristi.

You realize this should make you THAT MUCH MORE determined to get that walk in, right? You really need time alone to relax and take care of yourself.

God bless Sara - she is a good big sister. Hugs to TC - I'm sure the asthma attack was tough for him on top of everything else.

Shoot, hugs to ALL of you :)