Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to school soon

I am going to let TC stay home this week and fore go ESY.
It starts SO early!!
He has been having such a hard time with his asthma and allergies too.

I came home today from hanging with my sister in Dallas.
I told TC about big school starting soon.(August 23rd)
He will have the same teacher he had last year.

He does NOT like her.
He cried and had a huge meltdown saying he does not want to see her.

It broke my heart.
So we will not be having any "back to school" talks for awhile.

We did go to wa*l mart and get him a backpack and lunchbox today though.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Sorry to hear that TC's upset about his teacher! Hopefully getting the backpack and lunchbox will help him to transition.

Maria said...

What kind of a lunchbox? I found a Peanuts one for Liv. Sometimes, a lunchbox can get one through a really bad day...

Misty said...

Kristi, I was reading a few other blogs about autism and was wondering, what is TC's CARS score (if that isn't too personal, of course)?