Thursday, July 15, 2010

Driving me bonkers

TC was supposed to go to ESY yesterday but he didn't go because he woke up and was all broken out. It was bad!

Come to find out, Sara had some body wash in the shower and TC used it because Sara told him to. He has severe eczema and cannot use a lot of things that have a strong scent or lots of perfumes. Poor guy.

He went this morning though. I sure needed some time alone in a quiet house. Sara did help me yesterday by taking him in her room and starting a movie. TC's behavior has not been very good this week and mama was losin' it. My mind, that is.

Yesterday I finished my math final exam and I plan on rechecking it before I actually submit it. Psychology is all that I have left. I can't believe I am almost done with school. Hubs and I are going out this weekend to celebrate. Probably a nice lunch at Red Lobster and a WAl Mart trip without the kids. Hallelujah!!

I will start my job hunt in August. I am a little nervous and scared.

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Lola said...

Great about school being almost done! AND a dinner out sans kids!