Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Things are going good here. TC is not fighting me as much about school.
Big sigh of relief.
Sara is seriously getting her butt kicked by high school.
She is just exhausted.
She told me yesterday, "Mom I miss you! And I miss Dad too! High school just has me so busy!"
So I told her to come walking with me.

She made it out 1/2 way through my walk but we got a good 15 minutes in.
She has a crush and she found out he has a girlfriend.
I told her there is nothing wrong with being his friend. She is only 14, not ready for a serious relationship anyways.

Poor Sara, she has no clue how big of jerks boys can be.
I hate it because I know she is so sensitive and will have many broken hearts.

Being a Mom is hard!

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