Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They don't get it

Saturday hubby and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. 16 big ones! We took TC to my in laws because Sara went with my sister to a company picnic.

They took TC to play laser tag and to ride go carts. He had a blast!
Unfortunately my father in law mentioned Halloween to TC on the way home.
So as soon as he got home, he thought he was going to get to go trick or treat.


Halloween is a month away!
He put his costume on and even drew a cute map showing him going from house to house.

Then I had to explain to him that Halloween is a month away....and the meltdown ensued.
He cried for over 30 minutes.
And I wanted to go bitch slap my father in law.

They hardly see TC and really don't have a clue about autism.
You CAN'T talk about things in advance because TC has zero concept of time.
I have been working with him on the calendar so I had hubs show him the calendar and how far away Halloween is.
I "think" he understands.
But those tears and the fit was NOT fun!

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Mommie That Gets It said...

I can related to this situation. (Hi Kristi! You found my blog though The Maven. Welcome, *HUG*!) My son is the same. He has PDD-NOS and time is tough for him. He will go on and on about Halloween, Birthday Parties, Christmas ... I found that if I take him to my calendar and count the days in front of him, it really helps. When he asks again, I take him back to count again. It calms him, I "think" he understands too!