Friday, March 4, 2011

All I can say is wow!

TC read to me last night.

He has been learning sight words.

He had written a sentence and he actually read the sentence to me.

The sentence was "I see a boy with a horse."

I cried tears of joy after he read this to me.
I could not be more proud!


Mommie That Gets It said...

FANTASTIC! Well done TC!

Beautiful picture of you two by the way! :) Heather

Heather said...

That is AMAZING!! So happy for you and TC :)

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! When my 3 year old told me a few weeks back that he was hungry, I was thrilled. (he's in speech therapy). Thanks so much for the visit, and blog love.

Julie said...

I'm going to read more but had to say something right away. That is awesome to have your little man reading to you and putting things together. I don't know much yet, just from the blog title so I do understand a bit.
Thanks for stopping by, time for me to read some more.
Take care and God Bless!!

Judy said...

There are so many things we take for granted when everything/everyone is "normal." How incredible that your TC is able to read sight words and make such leaps and bounds despite all the challenges he has to face!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)