Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today was IEP day. OMG. Let me just say that TC's teacher really threw me for a loop today. First let me start at the beginning....the lady who did his evaluation went over all of the testing (speech, etc) and where he was for his age. Some parts he did really well on but many he was below average...which was to be expected. Anyways, I never really pay much attention to the numbers or rank, he is a 9 year old but his brain is not that of a typical 9 year old. And the occupational therapist said he is on task with his motor skills and does not qualify for o.t. anymore. So when it got to be his teacher's turn, she said he has been having some anger issues, getting mad and hiding under his desk and he is always corrected for this behavior. This is where I was thrown for a loop. She said, "And he is hearing those voices of Larry and Carl. He does the talking thing with Larry and he says Larry is his hand. He even drew Larry as his hand and sometimes TC throws things and he blames Larry for it. " I was like WTH? I asked her what was she talking about???? Voices???? I told her he does pretend and as far as Larry I don't know who or what Larry is!! So after the meeting I was beside myself, thinking what do I do now??? Is my kid now needing medication?? After I calmed down, I called my hubby and he told me "Kristi, Larry is a hand puppet that TC saw on You Tube. You know he pretends all the time!" (He has been banned from You tube.) Seriously? My kid was mimicking a puppet he saw on the computer and I was thinking he was schizophrenic. I am not saying TC does not have some issues, I realize he does, but I am pissed about the teacher diagnosing him or saying he was hearing voices. Below is a photo taken by another mom at Special Olympics yesterday.


Heather said...

Wow- also if she thought he was hearing voices wouldn't that warrant a telephone call- I'd be pissed to have that come out of nowhere at an IEP meeting! I'm glad it was a youtube video reference- you must feel so relieved.

The pic is too cute!! What a proud boy :)

Mommie That Gets It said...

Hi Kristi, my son Austin, with PDD-NOS, now blames everything on the "Imaginary Man"! He told this to the speech therapist the other day. He said that the "imaginary man moves things around in the house and gets him in trouble!" It is his imagination kicking in, I wouldn't worry. Although, I did feel like you did. It scared me to death! My son does see things on TV that he mimics too. I would be upset at the teacher too but then, they don't have the knowledge they need to understand our special kids. I am lucky, Austin has great teachers who have worked with Autistic kids in the past. Hope all is well!

Nice picture of TC. :) Heather