Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas, allergies and crazy customers

So, yes we went to the inlaws on Christmas eve (after work). It was okay. My M.I.L. smokes like a freight train and TC is allergic to cigarette smoke. Also he is allergic to pets but he LOVES them and won't keep his hands off her dog. Then he rubs his eye and ends up puffing up!

So we did Benadryl but my M.I.L. sat at the table puffing away. We dealt with it but TC was soooooooooo tired when we got home and sooooooooooo cranky too.
I finally made him go to bed!
He woke up yesterday in much better spirits.

We have started making Christmas day about our immediate family. So we stayed in our pj's all day yesterday and enjoyed each other, our gifts and some good food.
We got some snow flurries on Christmas eve but nothing that stuck and woke yesterday to dry ground.

I was not happy about it yesterday but was happy this morning when I had to drive to work.

Customers are driving me nuts already and I have to stay til' 3. Only 4 more hours to go!

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