Friday, April 16, 2010


To the anon comment that was left about kids learning first at home about cussing. First of all, my son goes to daycare and has his entire life. Which means he goes with kids as old as 13 on the bus. This is when he first came home saying bad words.
I am not perfect and I do slip occasionally but I try not to curse in front of TC.
I guess you are perfect, huh???

Thanks for your opinion but since you did not have enough balls to leave your name, you can kiss my big toe.


Melissa H said...

What an absolutely stupid comment to make, anyway. One of the hallmarks of autism is ECHOLALIA. That means that they repeat just about anything and everything that they hear... ANYWHERE. I have heard someone drop an F Bomb in WalMart. I guess that means that I shouldn't let my kid go there. Whatever. Kristi, you're an awesome mom. Screw the cowardly lion who left a comment.

Lola said...

you should have said to kiss your ASS :)

Bina said...

Ya know, I hear little kids saying words, NOT just cuss words, and I always wonder where they hear them, but then I think, "Good Lord, COMMERCIAL previews have "Bitch" and "Ass" in them sometimes, and "Bitch" is in songs on the radio, and EVERY where I go, the mall, WalMart, Target, there are teenagers there cussing. So yea, that doesn't mean the bad words come from home. Geez.

kristi said...

Yep, we went out to eat at a nice place and some young people came in there and a girl said, "SHIT!" really loud and I gave her a horrible look!! She apologized really quickly..LOL.
My kids were there and I felt her language was way inappropriate!

Miz Kizzle said...

You swat him when he curses? How's that working for you?