Monday, November 2, 2009


TC was so cute yesterday.
He told Sara, "This was the best Halloween ever, huh Sara?"

Then he asked me, "Is trick or treat over?"
And I said, "Yep, until next year."

He is getting more and more fun as he is able to try and tolerate new things.
This Mama is happy today just thinking about it.

He stopped a lot of people and told them how AWESOME they looked in their costumes and what they were dressed as.
Here is a scenario:

TC:Hey, you are a Transformer, you look awesome!
Kid: Looking at TC and walking away
ME: Grinning from ear to ear

So tomorrow is Sara's 14th birthday and I am picking her up early to take her to lunch and shopping...a girl's day. I am excited!!

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Bina said...

TC is so sweet! And wow. 14 huh? I hope you have better luck with attitude than I do mine!