Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beans, farts, teens, and cuteness

Oh my gosh, TC is so cute right now, he is sleepy and fresh from the bath and I want to SQUEEZE him.

Sara has been getting on my nerves really bad since she turned 14.
It is like she does things to aggravate me and oohhh I sometimes have to hold myself back. Lord knows I love her but OMG, it gets rough. Especially during PMS times.
But, she is a good girl, and I am thankful.

I ate 12 bean soup today that a coworker made. I had to tell the story Maria told on on her blog...Just Eat your Cupcake. We laughed and laughed.
Don't feel bad, Maria, I was farting a lot today after eating that damn bean soup.


Chef Penny said...

I had nachos yesterday that made me fart a lot. Thank God hubby works nights!

Maria said...

Yeah, but did you also belch and walk around with unblended blush on your cheeks, missy?