Monday, November 9, 2009


Wow, this weekend went by TOO fast! Since I had to work Saturday, I was only able to have one day off.
And most of that day was spent doing laundry, dishes, cooking and working on a paper. BLECH.

The kids slept in yesterday which resulted in TC staying up hours past his bedtime last night. I will probably need lots of caffeine today!

I am only working 3 days this week. I took off Thursday, and I am automatically off Friday because I worked this past Saturday.

I sure get irritated when driving the kids to school in the morning.
There was this one guy who was on my butt and it was in a SCHOOL ZONE. I was so mad and when he passed me, I secretly wished the police up ahead would pull him over.

Then I got to work and 2 people came in the door ahead of me but didn't hold the door open. Then one of them claimed to not see me. Okay, whatever. I am a hefty girl, I am wearing Fuchsia today, how can you miss me?

I wish I could clean my house really good and that it would stay clean until the kid's birthday party on Saturday.

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