Monday, November 16, 2009


How come I have to tell my kids to get in the shower like 5 times?

How come my husband thinks it's okay to wake me up at 3 am for sex?

Why does my new Whitney cd make me cry everytime I hear it?

Why can't people just love each other instead of hating over stupid shit?

Do some people seriously NOT brush their hair before they come to work??

How come I cleaned the heck out of my house and it is funky again?

Why can't I be rich and have a maid?


Chef Penny said...

When you find the answer to these questions then please let me know too! I love your blog!! It usually makes me laugh or say Amen, sister!

Lola said...

i needed this. it made me smile big 'cause i am not rich so i have to smile for myself!:)

beans said...

i have the song WHY going through my head from annie lennox . . .so many why's and never enough answers.