Monday, March 1, 2010

Can't deal right now

TC has not been feeling well. I went to my sister's yesterday and TC threw up there. Once we came home, he started running a fever.
He stayed home with the Hubs today.
He ate NOTHING all day!

I hope he sleeps tonight. I am so tired!! I was up twice with him last night.

My Mom called me twice today with drama with my little brother.
I can only pray for him.
He has been making bad choices for months now and he is about to be evicted so he calls Mom to rescue him.
She just now called and I didn't answer the phone.
I am just to tired to hear about it right now.

Is that wrong???


Stacie said...

No I don't think your wrong. I think your more worried about your little one. I sure hope he gets to feeling better. It sure is no fun when they are sick. My daughter has been sick since last week and still isn't eating much.

BEE said...

you dont need all the extra stuff right now
its ok not to answer the phone
gob bless ya
ill be praying for you guys

Debbie said...

No. It isn't wrong. Sometimes we have to deal with what is on our plate before we can add more. Hope it gets easier soon.