Friday, March 12, 2010


Today is Friday. Well, my week was good even though we had to attend the funeral. My Mom stayed all week and we had some time together. When someone dies you take a second look at your relationships. Loving each other is what is important.

I pray for the kids who lost their mom this week, they will have a lot to deal with and they will miss their mom a lot.

Some other things are going on and we are trying to help where we can but it is all up in the air right now. Prayers are appreciated.

I am back at work today and I have been off all week.
Sara is going to a dance tonight and informed me of this just last night.
So after work, I am off to buy her some tights to wear under her dress. I will post photos!!

TC is doing great and he thought today was Saturday so he was not happy about going to school this morning. Otherwise, he is doing really good though. He is loving riding the bus home with his buddy Jamel.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Momma Such said...

Following you from Friday Follow!

Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

friday sneeks its way up. hope you have a good weekend