Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am so tired.
My Mom and brother came yesterday. They got here around 9. My Mom always likes to stay up late and talk. We were up til' 1 and I had been up around 21 hours by that time.
Then I woke hubs up when I got in the bed, which pissed him off. He is one of those sleepers who get woken up and stay up for hours. I can go to sleep in 30 seconds flat.

Sara stayed at a friends and she called me at 7:30 am this morning saying she lost her purse at the movies and it had her cell phone in it. I told her to just come home ASAP. Luckily it was a prepaid phone that I only paid $10 for. UGH.

I cooked breakfast for everybody and cleaned up afterwards. My brother and Mom left to go get his kids. At this point, they don't know when the funeral will be because Laura's husband is in Pakistan visiting family. He won't be back til' tomorrow.

Then I got the kids together and we met my sister and went to Wal Mart for a few things. Afterwards, we came home and got hubs and went to see "Alice In Wonderland".
It was interesting!

Now I am home and my Mom and brother should be back soon. I have homework that I need to do.
I also need a nap.

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Angela said...

I do hope you get that nap.
Rest always helps.