Thursday, March 4, 2010


Nikki B tagged me for a MEME. Where will you be 10 years from now?

Hmmmm....I will be 45 and hopefully still married. It will be 25 years..I think I will need to take a cruise for that one!
Sara will be 24 and TC 18. Oy vey!
Hopefully TC will be independent enough to make a decision about a trade.
He will more than likely be a rock star, I just know it! And travel a lot on a bus with other smelly guys.
Sara will be out of college and starting a family. I hope she waits til' she is out of college anyways. I am ready for grandbabies but not anytime soon.

Hubs will be 5 years away from retirement. I will be going on weekend road trips and probably have a nice garden and enjoy the outdoors. I am sure I will work til' I am 70'ish. Somebody has to keep health insurance!

What about you??
Where will you be in 10 years?


Casdok said...

Oh gosh i will be ancient!!
And maybe C will be chatting away!!!

BEE said...

i cant imagine were i will be in 10 years
ill have a teenage boy
thats gonna be crazy
and hopefully still married to then it will be 17 years so at 20 we will haev to take a cruise lol
i like your post today

Heather said...

10 years? wow, i can't even see as far as next week.

Lola said...

living in a shack at the ocean!