Sunday, March 28, 2010


TC is obsessed with super heroes. Most super heroes fight bad guys, right?? Even the cartoons can be violent. Therefore he talks about blood and fighting and all that great stuff. This drives my husband insane. I tell TC not to talk about certain things but he still does! And hubs got him a magazine at the store the other day with YOU GUESSED IT...Super heroes. So I told hubs don't fuss at me because he says those things! Besides, he is autistic! He goes on and on about the same things 24/7.

My husband is getting a cortisone shot tomorrow in his spine. They always have to do an epidural before injecting the shot because if he moves it could paralyze him. So pray for us. I have to drive him home, again, pray for us. He thinks I can't drive!

And my teen. OMG, she is so nosey! She thinks she has to know what I am typing right now! She thinks she can reply to my texts that I get. She is so up in my business I swear I don't have any of my own she knows it all. I am ready for her to get a job! That way she can get out of my hair sometimes!!!

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meemawfish said...

Haha. But you know if Sara gets a job you will miss her.