Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goings on

Yeah, this morning was fun.
TC kept grabbing my face and I have an ulcer in my mouth and it hurt like a mother.
Finally I popped him and told him to stop it.
He started crying and crying.
I grabbed him and gave him a really tight hug and he was better. He did not go to school yesterday because he was up Sunday night not feeling well. Hubs stayed home with him. I, of course, got less than 4 hours sleep and I was so exhausted yesterday.

A lot of things are going on in my marriage right now. Marriage is never easy.
Prayers are appreciated! I'm not going into detail on this blog but if you read my keepin' it real, you know what it is.

I felt myself starting to get depressed yesterday. I came home and took a hot bath and ate dinner, then I took my laptop to bed. I lurve my laptop!
The kids always gravitate to whatever room I am in, but it was all good.
I love my babies and some days I can't imagine how I would make it without them.
They are my reason for keeping on.

I am hoping for a better day.
Today I am wearing a shirt that says, "Sarcasm is just another free service that I offer."
It fits me so well!


Bina said...

I'll pray for you and you pray for me, okay? Some days, I wonder if I'm still in love with my husband. I WANT to be, but it nothing like it was just two years ago and I do NOT want that "comfortable" thing, I want the "in love making my stomach do butterflies" thing. Am I asking for too much?

I love the tee shirt. I have one that says, "I'm just one big freaking ray of sunshine". Love wearing that.

Lola said...

hang in there. you are strong and will know what to do!
love the shirt!

Marla said...

Marriage is hard, especially when you have a child with special needs. Thanks for visiting my blog. TC looks like a real cutie. I hope your depression goes far far away. I get that way too some days.