Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mental handicap

I was listening to the radio on the way to work yesterday. They were saying how the President has declared the swine flu an epidemic?

And autism isn't??
Come on!!

I don't really know where I am going with this but it did irritate me. Mental illness is a really big deal and it is overlooked a lot. Comments are made about "being retarded" "riding the short bus" "being special". Comments that a lot of people have made at one time or another.

With all the anti-drug commercials, how come there aren't any regarding the mentally handicapped and how it is NOT okay to make fun of them??
Have you seen any??

Sara is doing a project on my Grandmother. She was mentally ill. I remember when I was small, she would go away for periods of time. During my Mom's childhood, my Grandma was gone a lot. Mental illness runs in my family BIG TIME. It is no joke. It is terrifying and lonely and misunderstood. I think all of my brothers have it and I KNOW my Mom has it. My oldest sister is EVIL and I think she is bipolar. I try not to cross her because she is a true lunatic and will make your life hell, ruin relationships, and basically be happy to cause you pain.
It is sad.

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Lora said...

Not long ago after getting out of the hospital for treatment of my Bipolar Disorder, I wrote of how people did not treat those with mental illness as though they were truly ill. I was so angry that nobody visited or called or even answered/returned the calls that I made while in the hospital. It was hell and it still is sometimes.

When I recently had a nervous breakdown (with Griffin at home) nobody would answer their phones or once again return my calls. I felt so utterly helpless and alone no to mention scared as hell. Being alone with Griffin and being out-of-control mentally and emotionally crying like hell and the poor little guy didn't know what to do. He finally went into the bedroom and fell asleep.

So where is the support for those who are not always stable? So much for medications and the stupid doctors who prescribe them!

Sorry for the rant but you have made such a valid point that I just had to share my story and elaborate on how "we" are treated compared to those who have physical disabilities or have been injured and in need of help.

Hugs to ya girl and to the kiddos too