Friday, October 30, 2009

Help, I need advice

I need some advice.

My sister has been coming over at 6:30 every Friday because she takes my nephew to football practice. She comes in and is VERY loud, always gets on the computer, basically interrupts my routine every Friday.
This morning, she got on the computer and checked my niece's grades and proceeded to bitch my niece out for failing a test.

In the midst of all of this, TC was having a meltdown over wanting to wear a costume at school (which I said no but told him he could carry it in his backpack). All the while, my sister is being so LOUD and obnoxious. I was stressed out.

She fussed at my niece and I gave my niece a ride to school and my niece was crying. She said, "They help Josh (who is my nephew) with all of his homework, but they can't help me with mine and if I make a bad grade, she stresses me out about it."

I felt so sorry for my niece.
And frankly, I don't even want my sister to come over anymore on Fridays. She interrupts my whole morning. It makes me so mad!

Should I tell her Hubby is sick next week so she doesn't come??



I don't think telling her your DH is sick next week is a good idea. Doing so is only dodging the problem for one week's worth of Friday.

If I were in your shoes, I would just call her maybe this evening or sometime this weekend and tell her that you appreciate what she is doing by coming over and helping by taking your nephew to practice but that when she comes over, many times she is a bit loud. Gently remind her that loud noises can upset your son and worsens his autism symptoms. After all, this wouldn't be lying.

I think it's a win-win situation. If she gets upset (like my sister probably would! LOL), it's her problem. If she gets upset enough to decide not to come over anymore, you have not only been upfront with her but you will have alleviated the noise problem as well. ;)

Lola said...

tell her it isn't working with your routine and ask her opinion how to make it better-if she takes offensive, just cancel it. you've given her a chance to be part of the solution and if she can't see that well then you know what to do!