Thursday, October 15, 2009

WARNING this is a rant

So if you don't want to hear me complain, just skip this. Mmmmkay?

Yeah, this rain.
It is enough to make a person crazy.
And it finally stopped yesterday but my land is a swamp and my grass is so high, and I am anal-retentive about my grass being mowed. It stresses me out when it is high and I can't mow it.

And TC.
His asthma is back.
It started last night when hubs deleted a DVR'd show TC wanted to watch.
I didn't know it had been erased and I told TC he could watch it.
But then it wasn't there and then he had a huge fit.
For like 30 minutes straight.
With lots and lots of snot and tears.
Finally I just put him in bed.
He scratched and scratched and cried and cried about how he didn't want to go to school the next day, and finally his Melatonin kicked in.

He was up I don't know how many times.
I put more cream on his skin.
Then his wheezing was out of control.
So I had to give him a treatment.
This was before 4 am.

I guess when my alarm went off, I turned it completely off and went back to sleep.
Which means I woke up late.
Then I woke Sara up late.
I tried to fix lunches and get ready and get TC up in about 10 minutes time.

TC wanted to cry and fuss. I told him, "I can't deal with this now. You need to stop so we can get to the bus."

We barely made it to the bus at the daycare, I mean he was about to leave, but we MADE IT.

Then I get to work and my boss..ugh.
I am just not in the mood for her today.
And I am so darn sleepy.

On days like this, I really envy stay at home Moms. At least if I didn't work, I could lay down for an hour or so. But here I am, at work, doing what I do.

But I am NOT happy about it.


Bina said...

Girl, I don't know how you do it. It seems there are many times you don't get a full nights sleep, and neither does TC. If if you didn't work outside the home, too, you would still be tired! Does your husband ever get up with TC? I'm just curious, not judging! Hopefully you'll get your sleep caught up this weekend.

And I probably do NOT have to tell you, I'm the same way about grass, and my front yard needs cutting bad but the rain will NOT freaking quit!


Sorry for your bad day. On the bright side - well, for you, anyway - I'm a stay at home mom and I never get to lie down for an hour.

Hope you are doing better!