Monday, October 26, 2009

Tests, beds, and trucks

Sorry for the lack of posting. Friday I took off to work on my algebra final, and I had to work on my Economics final Saturday and Sunday. I passed my Algebra, I was so happy!!

Saturday the kids, Hubs and I went and picked out a new mattress and box springs for a King sized bed. We got one of those memory foam ones. It was on sale, but still VERY expensive!!!

My car goes in the shop today. The front end is rattling like crazy and it needs a tune up. I hope the rattle is nothing MAJOR. My sister in law has a car and a truck so she let us use her truck. I drove it today. It is a 4 door Dodge Ram and it is niiiiice. But it is BIG.
Of course it was rainy and dark all the way to work..ugh.
But I made it here safely and that is what counts.

Have a Happy Monday, y'all.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Congrats on the algebra final! And I have to say that I think the memory foam is worth it! I only have a memory foam topper, but it really makes a difference. Enjoy!

♪Christina♥ said...

congrats (again) on the algebra!!!

jennifer said...

That first paragraph gave me hives. I'm allergic to math!!

Sorry about the car troubles. I hope they fix it cheap and quick.