Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here I am!

I haven't posted on here in awhile. Sorry.
Between school and home and other crap, I haven't had time.
I have had a lot to talk about though.
I was off work last Friday and my friend Tish came over and we had lunch.
We had the best time!!!

The kids were out of school Monday.
I paid Sara to take care of TC, she made more than the daycare would have charged, but it was worth it to not have to drag TC out early in the morning.

Work has been so S L O W.
I actually worked on Algebra on Monday for over an hour, but I got a good head start on this weeks problems, which are due Friday.
Yesterday I had jury duty and they dismissed us because the case solved out of court.
So I came home and cleaned the floors, did laundry and my internet finally came back up, so I finished up those math problems. Got a 91!!! WOOT!!!
I made chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and spinach for the family last night. I could really dig staying home and just going to school. Unfortunately, we have way to many bills and I carry the insurance.

I have an economics paper due tomorrow so I plan on working on that this evening.
Just this week and next week and I will be out of these two classes, I can't wait!!

TC and Sara are doing good. TC had a little wheezing yesterday but we are having torrential rain and it won't stop so I am sure it is weather related.
The school canceled his field trip today, they WERE going to the TX State Fair. I didn't mention it, so thankfully he didn't know anything about it and didn't get disappointed.

Sara is doing well, but her teen attitude is a bit much sometimes. I love that girl and I realize she will be 14 next month. But sometimes our hormones are at a very high point and we don't get along.
It is rare, though, and I am grateful for that!!!

I have stayed on top of things this week (but I realize it is only Wednesday) and I have actually read an entire book (in 2 days!)!

There is nothing better than kicking back with a good book when it is rainy outside.


♪Christina♥ said...

I carry the insurance too so I understand. But u r kicking butt at school!! WTG :o)

Michelle said...

Hi, it's Michelle from Welcome to my world...
I'm just stopping by all of my followers pages because I had changed my url to reflect the new changes in the blog and blogger is not redirecting traffic like i thought it I want to make sure everyone has the new URL...hope to see you there!