Monday, January 25, 2010

Hair, toenails and no sleep

TC's hair was a shaggy mess and I had to cut it. He hates getting a haircut. But it turned out cute. (I'll post photos soon).

I got brave and decided to cut his toenails later on in the evening. He LOATHES getting his toenails cut.

He was sick the past 2 nights and didn't go to school today. I have given him Mucinex and got his cream for his eczema refilled.
Is it bedtime yet??


Anonymous said...

We have the same trials here, haircuts and toenails. Have you tried a weighted blanket for sleep?

Melissa H said...

Conor used to hate it too, until we discovered that it was easier if we did it while he was in the bathtub. It makes the toenails softer and he doesn't mind it as much. Just a thought!

BEE said...

cant wait to see the cute pics
i messed up my sons hair
i shaved it too short the other day
its not horrible but i used the wrong attachment

with the nails have you tried singing a song during it
my son tends to hate the nail cutting too

we sing that little piggy song
i hope that helps for next time

if you dont know the song let me know i will write the lyrics for you

Bina said...

Poor thing. He has been sick a lot this school year. Makes me wonder if the school is doing a good job of keep the classrooms clean, ya know?

Queenbuv3 said...

Here are some tips on hair cutting.

I can't do clippers with Stephen anymore because it produces too many little hairs and the hairs are dry so they are really pokey and get stuck in his clothes and are itchy.

When I could run a hot bath, plumbing is wack in this apartment so he now has showers, cutting his hair was a breeze. Wet hair was not itchy on his skin plus, he loves water and that was a great distraction. Now I cut it before he showers. I wet his hair and because it clumps when wet I am able to keep the hair off him while I cut it.

Toe and finger nail cutting. Always after a bath or shower. The nails are much softer and "hurt" less being cut. What about filing them? Also, this used to be next to impossible when he was little but as he has matured he is not phased by it. How old is your son?

Hope this helps : )

Queenbuv3 said...

I thought of you last night when I cut Stephen's hair. The last time I cut it before his shower he was fine. I wet his hair and cut it and had no problems.

Well, thank God we got our furnace fixed two days ago because I ended up finishing his haircut in the bath tub last night. I started cutting his hair the same way I did last time and he starting screaming and crying. Everytime he saw me put down or pick up the scissors he freaked out. We tried giving him a popsicle to distract him but that didn't work. We tried getting him to tell us what was wrong with his ipod but that didn't work. I washed him in the shower first and then decided to see if we finally had hot water to run a bath and we did so I finished cutting his hair in the bath. He was fine once he was in the tub. Once I got him dressed, cleaned his ears and cut his nails he was happy. While I brushed his teeth he was very affectionate and smiling. I think he was trying to tell me that he appreciated me respecting his feelings, finding a way to cut his hair without it upsetting him and that he still loved me even though he had been quite upset earlier.