Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time off and enjoyed

I have so enjoyed having some time off work. Thursday Hubby and I went to Red Lobster. Then we went to see Sherlock Holmes, which I fell asleep in. I had taken meds for a headache and I am bad about watching a movie and falling asleep, especially when I am full.

Anyways, hubby enjoyed the movie!!

We took the kids to Avatar 3-D yesterday. It was so fantastic!!

Today I got the kids up and took Sara for a haircut. Then we went to Wal Mart and then to eat Chinese for lunch. TC got a new lightsaber and Sara got a tote bag, a shirt, 2 necklaces and some blush.

TC has been very well-behaved. He had a little meltdown last night over a Transformer. He wanted to throw it away and I told him to do it!! It is not worth the aggravation because it kept falling apart!

Tomorrow I need to hem some pants for TC and get started on my homework for the upcoming week, also do more laundry.

They are out Monday and go back to school on Tuesday. It will probably be a tough morning for TC because of the 2 week break. Pray for us!!

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Casdok said...

I hope all went well for TC.
I also LOVED Avatar!